Preschool Program

Preschool/Daycare Openings: 

Opening: January/February 2019

Preschool Intake age: 

Good fit is something I place a great deal of importance on.  I also recognize that children are all unique and reach milestones at different ages and stages.  My earliest intake age is between 20-24 months.  As I run a very active morning program it is important that young children are able to meet the basic guidelines outlined below before attending here.

Basic guidelines:

1. Children must be capable and confident walkers and explorers in an outdoor space with the appropriate clothing and footwear for the various seasons.

2. Children must be self-feeders with a variety of food options

3. Children must be independent nappers (1 nap per day)

Hours of Operation and Fees:

Current operating hours: 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.*                       

I currently operate on a 5 day per week schedule.  I have found this program to be socially beneficial for all the children who come here as they develop a very strong bond with one another and it is difficult to coordinate part-time schedules logistically.


Full Day $1500 per month (includes all meals, snacks and programming)

*Please e-mail to discuss your personal care needs with regards to timing. 

EducatorMama is a home based daycare and preschool located in Bloorwest Village