Goals and Objectives

  • Maintain small student-teacher ratios
  • Focus on engaging children in outdoor learning experiences
  • Provide a balance of opportuntities for structured and unstructured play
  • Recognize and encourage the value in different ages learning from one another and with each other
  • Seeking to strike a balance between the realities of an urban lifestyle and getting kids outside


  • Provide children with a variety of opportunities to engage in different types of learning 
  • Use teachable moments to enhance understanding, encourage curiosity and enrich thinking
  • Develop inquisitiveness
  • Focus on engaging children in outdoor activities and play based development and learning
  • Employ child based learning approach where children drive their learning and development

Play areas and learning spaces

  • Spacious indoor and outdoor areas designed to compliment the needs of developing children
  • Toys and play structures selected with attention to natural and environmental options
  • Comfortable and inviting
  • Reading nook and extensive book library 

Fresh and homemade meals and snacks

  • Healthy and well balanced diets play a critical role in child development
  • Food selection and sourcing is something we regard with utmost importance
  • Organic, local and sustainable choices made wherever possible
  • Fruits and vegetables are organic and/or locally sourced
  • Proteins are obtained from a natural butcher

For more information please contact educatormama@gmail.com or 416-837-4718

An outdoor and play based preschool and daycare located in Bloorwest Village